Specific Considerations for regularly scheduled series

Regularly scheduled series can be conducted synchronously for credit via zoom. You can familiarize yourself with the basics of setting up a meeting here. Key requirements include:

  • You can use registration to ensure that you can record attendance.
  • Distribute link with directions to potential participants
  • Attendees are required to enter their first and last names and email address
  • Make appropriate disclosures via audio and/or visual means
    • It might be useful to present disclosure information in a polling question and ask the participants to click "Yes" to review of the information; the poll can then serve as an automated way to demonstrate communication of disclosure and record of attendance
  • The registration report will then provide a list of participants
    • Reports are maintained in zoom for 30 days
  • UAB CME can create an online evaluation for your sessions. Contact us to get up and running. We can provide a full or abbreviated version.