Linking Outcomes to Objectives

There is widespread consensus that carefully designed CME activities can contribute to improved professional performance, healthcare outcomes, and, ultimately, population health. Three elements of successful education activities that are well supported include:

  1. Some form of external assessment (as opposed to self assessment by participants)
  2. Interactive activities that engage learners, asks them to reflect on current and potential future performance, and provides a mechanism for feedback
  3. Multifaceted activities that combine several different interventions1

Moore, Green and Gallis developed a conceptual framework that can help integrate education design, planning, and assessment with a view towards attaining the higher level objectives of improved performance and population health. We'll detail that model and potential applications in the next couple of sections.

1. Moore, D, Green, J., Gallis, H. Achieving Desired Results and Improved Outcomes: Integrating Planning and Assessment Throughout Learning Activities. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions. Winter 2009; 29: 1 – 15.