Identifying and assessing needs for a specific activity

Each activity has a designated director responsible for determining needs, developing a curriculum, identifying speakers and facilitators, and evaluating the outcomes of an activity.

In general, engaging additional faculty or professionals is advantageous for a couple of reasons:

  • Additional perspectives can help drive enhancements in content, design, and/or delivery
  • It helps spread the workload and makes improvements more achievable
  • It helps with documentation, minutes, and file maintenance - tasks that are important in the accreditation review process
  • It improves the overall credibility of the program
  • If your audience includes nurses, you are required to include a nurse on the planning committee if seeking AANC approval

The division of continuing medical education is also required to be involved in planning in some capacity. We can bring a perspective on overall design, assist in needs assessment, provide data, and other services - ask us.