Identifying and assessing needs for a specific activity

Choices about teaching methods, sequence of topics, and resource materials are likely to be more effective if you first specify the desired results of the activity and how those results can be assessed. The questions below can help orient your presentation towards the needs of your learners

What knowledge gap is being addressed by this unit?

  • What are the essential parameters of the perceived knowledge gap?
  • What specific area(s) of impact does this gap relate to – patient care; medical knowledge; practice-based learning improvement; interpersonal communication skills; professionalism; systems-based practice?

What is the current practice?

  • What do physicians currently know about this topic?
  • What do physicians currently do on tasks related to this topic?
  • How do we know what we know about current physician practice?
  • What evidence supports our position?

What is the ideal practice?

  • What do we want physicians to know about this topic?
  • Are there standards or guidelines that specifically address this perceived gap?
  • What specific steps would be involved in the ideal practice?

What key knowledge and skills will physicians need to acquire to bridge this gap?
What are the anticipated outcomes for the learner, and how will they be measured