Identifying and assessing needs for a specific activity

Sources of Information

Information on professional gaps can be obtained from within your division or department, from state and regional data, and/or from national data sources.

Local data will usually allow for a more targeted assessment of education needs, but might not always be available or accessible. State and regional data will be most appropriate for events that aim to educate physicians outside of UAB and within the extended physician community, and national data would be appropriate for events aimed at a national audience

Potential sources of information include:

Local Sources State\Regional Sources National Sources
Department/Division reports & statistics
UAB Library: Health statistics guide
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Analysis of aggregate data available through i2b2 Regionalized CDC health data Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Physician self-testing ADPH Center for Health Statistics National Guideline Clearinghouse
Board exam data Alabama public health statistics Centers for Disease Control
Individual faculty analysis Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Participant feedback National Committee on Quality Assurance
Provider surveys The Joint Commission
Qualitative Data Analysis CMS Hospital Comparison Data
Physician consortium for performance improvement