Managing Conflict of Interest

If a conflict is identified, it must be resolved through a review process conducted either by a course activity planner, a UAB division director or chair, or the director for continuing medical education.

Depending on whether the conflict relates to an individual who is an activity planner or faculty/presenter, the conflict can be resolved through a few different mechanisms:

Activity Director or Planner Faculty/presenter
Planner may withdraw from the planning committee Presenter may withdraw from the activity
Planner may recuse her/himself from that portion of the activity for which a conflict exists The content may be peer-reviewed to ensure it contains no bias
The department chair, division director, or other unit leader may review to ensure that event or series content is not relevant to the financial relationship(s) 
The content may be reviewed by the director of CME
The committee can document its planning process and submit it and a sampling of content for review by the director of CME to ensure that it contains no content related to the conflict identified

The series of questions on the following pages will help you to identify conflicts of interest.